11 Months TV-Free and We Have a Winner!

I suppose the big question next month will be whether we continue TV-Free or not. I do know the kids have completely forgotten about it at home…but are quick to watch if anyone else has it on. And then they turn into little zombies. (I am not saying every kid does…just mine). The winner of the RC helicopter received an email this morning! Thank you everyone for passing on the word about it. Please check out the great people at Xenon Project as you think about shopping – they have great prices on RC toys and hobby items. That little heli we gave away is a lot of fun – I played with one at a friend’s house and it is super easy to control and really quick. And they last – the one I saw was 2 years old and still going strong. What do you think we should do to celebrate our one-year TV-Free Extravaganza?