Absolutely Fabulous, eShakti!

I was once again contacted by the lovely people over at eShakti.com to test run a dress from their new spring line. I am so glad I did! The only hard part was picking one…IMG_5522

I. Love. This. Dress.

I ordered custom sizing, which worked beautifully. Finally: a dress that fits me around the chest, nips in at my actual waist  and manages to avoid that awkward Armpit Gap that I hate so much. The fabric is heavy and feels delightful. I particularly love the little details – bra strap holders in the straps (why doesn’t every dress have these?) and a snap in the crux of the V-neck (right where I always end up having to stitch or place a safety pin to protect the populace from getting an eyeful). I love the length – as a mom, it’s hard to chase after little ones in a skirt that is above the knees. It is also delightfully twirly, which (of course) is what one does in a full skirt.

Want to get one of your own? Go on over to eShakti.com and enjoy!


Update from eShakti

My last post, Shopping at eShakti, stated that there was unfinished email business between the company and myself. I heard back from the media representative today, and would like to share that her reason for not returning my emails was an unexpected emergency. She also offered to reimburse my alteration charges with a gift certificate to eShakti, and clarified that samples do take longer to ship than purchases. So, happy endings all around!

I think women of all sizes and shapes deserve to have clothes that fit and make them feel beautiful. I appreciate that eShakti understands that, and would encourage all of my readers to check them out. Remember you still have until July 31st to use the extra 10% off code NX26ETT at eShakti!

Shopping at eShakti

I was contacted by a company called eShakti to do a product review. My budget-imposed shopping celibacy is somewhat tiresome (no post-pregnancy wardrobe additions = sad face), so I was really excited to get a new dress.

The company offers clothes in sizes 0-26W, and custom tailoring for an additional $7.50. I was impressed when the media representative emailed me, saying that “Built-in online customization tools allow women to modify original fashions to fit their size, shape and personal style. Unlike traditionally-tailored clothing, eShakti’s incredibly quick turnaround time allows customers to receive their custom-made look within a week of ordering!”

I decided I’d give them a try. So many cute dresses to choose from! It was tough, but I settled on “Her Fifties Sundress” in peacock blue. Being on the tall side (5’10”) and having somewhat uncommon proportions, I’m not well-suited for off-the-rack shopping (but let’s be honest, who really is?). I opted for the custom sizing and carefully took the appropriate measurements to input into the form.

Good Things:

Thanks be to my husband for the lovely Head-less Shot!

  • I love the color and the shape of the dress. The cotton poplin fabric is exactly as it stated it would be.
  • The dress is made relatively well – there are no raw edges or other defects.
  • It is long enough for me, which is a pretty big deal in itself.
  • It looks pretty cute on me, post-alterations.
  • I heard that they have a generous return policy.

“Meh” Things:

Holy Extra Strap, Batman!

  •  I ordered on June 20th and got my dress on July 10th. Twenty days isn’t exactly my idea of “within a week,” but perhaps if it hadn’t been complimentary it would have come sooner. Make sure if you’re ordering for an important event that you give yourself enough time, just in case.
  • They didn’t include one important measurement: the length of my torso. I may be 5’10”, but sitting down you’d never know it because all my height is in my legs. The straps were MUCH too long and I had to take them up.
  • Email communication dropped off after my order; some of my emails went unanswered.

Not-So-Good Things:

Wrinkly, but nice for a simple sundress.

  • Cotton poplin + pleats? What was I thinking? This dress is an ironing nightmare.
  • I think the pleats make me look bottom heavy and the sweetheart neckline was slightly more rounded on one side than the other, but that’s kind of getting picky.
  • (Both of these things were ultimately my fault; I should have looked more closely at the picture and I would have noticed that the skirt was pleated, not gathered, and looked for something different. Whoops).

The Verdict:

I think that eShakti holds promise for people who have sizes that fall outside of “normal,” (whatever that is). The styles are cute. If you find something you like through July 31st, use the code NX26ETT at checkout for an extra 10% off (but it isn’t valid on overstock purchases). Happy shopping!