Absolutely Fabulous, eShakti!

I was once again contacted by the lovely people over at eShakti.com to test run a dress from their new spring line. I am so glad I did! The only hard part was picking one…IMG_5522

I. Love. This. Dress.

I ordered custom sizing, which worked beautifully. Finally: a dress that fits me around the chest, nips in at my actual waist ¬†and¬†manages to avoid that awkward Armpit Gap that I hate so much. The fabric is heavy and feels delightful. I particularly love the little details – bra strap holders in the straps (why doesn’t every dress have these?) and a snap in the crux of the V-neck (right where I always end up having to stitch or place a safety pin to protect the populace from getting an eyeful). I love the length – as a mom, it’s hard to chase after little ones in a skirt that is above the knees. It is also delightfully twirly, which (of course) is what one does in a full skirt.

Want to get one of your own? Go on over to eShakti.com and enjoy!