About this Blog:

In January 2012, I noticed that our 3-year-old daughter was better behaved on the days when she did not watch any television! However, “Blue’s Clues” was my ticket to a daily shower. What to do? Every parent needs a little bit of guiltless down-time. Not hours upon hours, of course, but enough to maintain a decent level of personal hygiene.

Not one to do anything halfway, I decided to dive in and turn off the TV for at least a year. There are those days when I wonder why I committed to this, but most of the time I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my family. Join the whole NTNT (No Telly, No Trouble) family as we navigate the media-free waters. Crafts, cooking, and a whole lot of craziness will be involved.

About the Author:

I used to have a bio here with my degrees and stuff, but that’s not really related to this venture. I’m Mom to Little Girl and Little Guy, wife to Mr. NTNT, and we live in a drafty old fixer-upper in a small town with a ridiculously tiny dog. I cook and eat and make stuff.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for following my blog, The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy.
    Your goal of no TV for one year is a good one. My wife and I have definitely watch less TV over the years. Even less now that we have Jaydon.

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