We’re Alive, I Promise!

I’ve thought about blogging often. I’ve even come up with a few posts. I just haven’t written them down.

Updates and thoughts:

-Screen Free week was great. So great, in fact, that I forgot to get back to blogging to talk about it. Whoops.

-We’re not exactly TV-free anymore. I went back to putting on a Blue’s Clues or Super Why! to get my shower. Little Girl also relaxes with a David Attenborough nature show while Little Guy naps.

-I’m thinking of moving the blog to an actual site and picking things up again. Any ideas? I feel like the “No TV” gimmick was kind of fun, and I would be willing to try a new venture if you give me a good one 🙂

Be well, friends! I’m off to read some more Richard Scarry.