10 Months TV -Free: Routine Edition

Ten months without TV! How do we do it? Here is a day in the life, on days I don’t teach at night:
6:30 Little Guy starts yelling “Mom! UP!!,” which is coincidentally his favorite phrase. Little Girl is often still asleep while Little Guy gets his diaper changed, gets dressed and eats his “oatomao” (oatmeal). Then he runs around like a madman, climbing on everything he can and vrooming cars on everything else.
7:30 Little Girl gets up, goes potty and requests candy or Nutella. She is denied and settles for oatmeal or Cheerios.
8:00 Both kids start competing over my lap with books. We usually read 10-13 with several repeats.
9:00 Dishes, laundry and pickup. Little Girl feeds the dog. Weeeee.
10:00 Good weather = Playground/outside time. Bad weather = children’s museum or more books/inside play.
12:00 Lunch. Usually leftovers or something involving peanut butter.
12:30 Little Guy’s nap and Little Girl’s “rest time” which usually involves a lot of drawing and playing with her Calico Critters. Why won’t she just sleep? While she plays and he sleeps, I shower, make dinner and clean up (or make Christmas gifts, at this time of year). Lately I have also been reading chapter books to Little Girl. We just finished “The Tale of Despereaux”and are moving on to “Little House in the Big Woods.”
2:30 Little Guy wakes up. We usually go back outside in good weather. More playing ensues.
5:30 JP gets home and we eat dinner.
6:00 Music time- Little Girl practices piano with JP while Little Guy dances with me. JP and I play instruments and the kids dance.
6:30 Bathtime or playtime, depending on the day.
7:00 Little Guy starts bedtime routine with me, Little Girl gets bedtime snack and gets ready with JP.
7:30 Little Guy is asleep and Little Girl is in bed or close to it.
9:00 Both kids are asleep and I rejoice in some quiet time.

So, where would TV fit in? I feel like we are always so busy there just isn’t a point.


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