9 Months TV-Free!

This is my first post from my Droid! I normally wouldn’t write a whole post on here, but JP accidentally broke my computer cord in half. Oops.


Anyway, we have been TV free here for 9 whole months! I could have had another baby by now! (I am not). Little Girl is starting to really become literate, which is cool. She added “iskrm” to my shopping list, for example. (Ice cream, for those of you without creative spellers in the house). Little Guy is walking (running ) everywhere 24/7, which is fun but tiring. He has also increased his vocabulary exponentially, mostly to include favorite foods and beverages (apple, water) and the names of things with wheels. I want to know where the “motor fascination” gene is, and how he got it!
I was reminded of something important this morning by my lovely daughter. She went (bounced) downstairs to JP and informed him, “I am happy! Mommy smiled at me.”
At first I was taken aback – was she saying that I don’t usually smile at her? Was she sending me a message that I am surly? Then I realized that she is 3 and says exactly what she means. I smiled at her, and it made her happy. Guess who is going to be making sure to hand out plenty of smiles?
Have your kids ever unintentionally made you feel guilty or defensive?


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