New and Exciting!

We have carpet! Little Girl and Little Guy were running all over it, with Little Girl exclaiming, “This is FABULOUS! FANTASTIC! I love it! I love it so much! I love to roll on it! I love to run on it! It is SUPER! It is GREAT! It is AWESOME!!”

I never knew she had command of so many synonyms.

I also did end up getting my smartphone up and running. JP, my lovely blogger husband over at, decided that his booming blogging business needed the jump in technology a couple of months ago. My friend gave me her husband’s old phone, and the results were that switching our data plan to a shared data plan cost us slightly less than having one smartphone and one dumbphone. Weird, but true.

Finishing all that detail work upstairs so the carpet could go in has meant late, late, late nights for a couple of weeks now…so it’s an early-to-bed celebration for me! Huzzah!



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