I have been totally MIA lately, thanks to the Great Carpet Escapade of 2012. JP is upstairs at the moment doing some quality painting, because the carpet is going to be installed on Wednesday! I would join him, but I am currently chatting with a “liverperson” at Verizon about potentially getting…a smartphone. 

My friend gave me a Droid today, because she is awesome. The thing is, the switch from dumbphone to smartphone is kind of a big one and is not done easily. I’ve lived this long without a smartphone, I suppose. They just really get me with the whole camera/music player/e-reader/phone/gps/microwave/blender all-in-one thing. The siren call of advanced technology. And free…you can’t beat free. 

Do you have a smartphone? Do you think they are everything they are cracked up to be?


5 thoughts on “Smartphone…?

  1. I “inherited” Ryan’s smartphone when he upgraded. It definitely takes some getting used to, but I love being able to check e-mail and pull up my grocery list/recipes from anywhere. I don’t, however, like having to pay an extra $25 per month for a data plan. Ugh.

      • Ah, he got to the smartphone thing much quicker than we did! If we ha an unlimited data plan you can bet we would still be sitting on it 🙂 Share everything made more sense for us. And hey, it might even save a little because now he won’t be paying to receive texts from people who din’t know he didn’t have a texting plan!

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