Not Back to School…Blues?

Today was bittersweet.

I took an extra year of leave with Little Guy from my public school job. It’s a long story involving daycare, with the only important point being that I am not going back this year. I thought I was OK with it, but as a bus passed my house I was actually a little sad. “My” students have all moved on to junior high now, and there is a new crop who will have forgotten my existence. As a teacher, you work so hard to build something and make a difference in students’ lives, but it only takes being out for a little while for the tide to come in and the world to go on without you.

Then I stopped feeling sorry for myself, went to the playground with my kids, drew pictures, sang songs, spelled words, played catch, made a dress-up dinosaur tail, and played cars AND dolls simultaneously. At the end of the day, I remember that I am still a teacher and I am still making a big difference. My classroom only has two kids, but they learn from me all the time.

Back to School can wait.


2 thoughts on “Not Back to School…Blues?

  1. Glad you can do this. They’re only little for such a short time, so enjoy being with them while you can. It’s so important to be the one to raise your children.

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