Crafty Colorful Rice on our Five Month TV-Free-iversary

So, I should probably rename this “the Absentee Blogger.” I totally got out of the habit of writing while doing our Screen Free Week. Oops. Anyway, we are 5 months TV-Free today! Little Girl, surprisingly, remembers several entire episodes of Wonder Pets and re-enacts them frequently. She hasn’t asked for them, though. She just pretends to be Ming Ming and “flies” around the house with her cape on, saving animals. In other news, she is going to be a marine biologist when she grows up and will rehabilitate injured dolphins. She is currently plotting to erect an aquarium in her bedroom.

We had a busy day today; it was raining, so we got a bunch of laundry and dishes done. I pulled out my flute and played a little (Little Girl tried it out – not too shabby!), we all played some piano, and we made colorful rice while Little Guy took a nap. I saw a picture on Pinterest to “The Baker Bee” and had to try it, of course. This stuff is a gem for Little Girl to play with while I rock her brother before his nap. Dip your hand in and it’s a sensory experience. Pour it into measuring cups to learn about measurements. Play with it with dump trucks and sand toys. Glue it on paper and make mosaics.

1/2 cup of rice fits perfectly in a large baby food jar for storage!

The Baker Bee’s instructions are fool-proof, but I’m too impatient to wait for “several hours” for it to dry out, though no doubt this is an excellent method. I found that covering cookie sheets in parchment paper and baking for 5 minutes in a 200 degree oven dried it out just fine. I broke up the clumps with my fingers and stuck it back in for a minute or two if it still seemed wet. To get our colors, we used a splash of rubbing alcohol and 7 drops of old McCormick food coloring that was languishing in the back of the cupboard per half cup of rice. Happy crafting!

The start of a gluey masterpiece. Little Girl set it aside after she completed this much, because her fingers were starting to get sticky. This much took her about a half hour of precision rice placement, though.


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