Party at Little Guy’s Crib

Well, not really a party. I’ve been scarce around the blog because first Little Girl was sick, and now Little Guy is. I was so desperate for sleep last night that I climbed into his crib.

Into. His. Crib.

*Image not drawn to scale. The crib, I believe, is actually smaller.

The poor kid has a cough and a fever and just isn’t sleeping well unless he’s propped up. I have such bony shoulders that he doesn’t like to rest his head on me if I’m propped up in a rocking chair. If I bring him into my bed he gets all excited that he’s somewhere dangerous and tries to climb off the edge. Lay on the floor with him and he flails, hits the wood floor and it makes a thump that wakes him up. Finally, after getting 9 hours of sleep in 72, I made the desperate move. I found that if I wind all 70 inches of myself around the crib, he climbs up, rests his head on my belly and goes to sleep happily. Unfortunately, I wake up only semi-rested and feeling like every muscle in my body has a kink in it (which it probably does). If only my husband were a masseuse or a chiropractor.

It’s not forever…right?


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