Screen-Free Week…the Verdict

First: I think having a Screen-Free Week, day or (for the hardcore addicts) hour is a great idea.

I just wasn’t very good at it.


  • The kids were entirely screen-free, which is usually the case so they were used to it (except that sometimes Little Girl is allowed to play Bugs and Buttons and I Write Words on my iPod and we put it away for the week).
  • I mostly (98%) stayed off of Facebook, my blog and other social media.
  • We had a ton of fun.

The Agenda:

  • Monday – Errands galore! Took Mr. NTNT to the doctor for his sprained ankle. Got the snow tires changed out, shopped. Came home and cooked a curry feast for my dad’s birthday. Celebrated Dad’s birthday.
  • Tuesday – Cleaned, went to the Museum of Play.
  • Wednesday – Went to the library, the playground and played at home.
  • Thursday -Went to the Rochester Baby Lab for a study with Little Guy, went to my parents’ house and played outside, dealt with a flat tire.
  • Friday – Played at home, cleaned the attic, had my sister over for a sleepover.
  • Saturday -Banana pancakes, mowed, cleaned, played around as a family, biked.
  • Sunday – Went to church, Mr. NTNT golfed, we all went to the playground.

Not Quite Successes:

  • Was on the internet for some reason almost every day for at least 15 minutes.
  • Watched Breaking Dawn (with Rifftrax)…can’t regret that, it was too funny.

It turns out I’m a little addicted to the internet. I think that I could have made it completely screen free under the following conditions: if my husband did it as well, or if I was out backpacking/hiking/somewhere with no internet connection. As it is, breaking the habit of looking up random bits of information whenever I’m curious is hard. My husband’s current hobby is blogging, so having the computer around at night is very tempting. Then there is the temptation of information; I sat there tatting one night while my husband was blogging and realized that I could probably find a good pattern online.

So, I didn’t exactly succeed. However, I was successful with almost completely cutting out social media and I think that this was a positive. Not that I have any drama online, or any friends who do, but it’s largely a waste of time. I love seeing pictures of old friends, having easy party invitations and seeing all of the funniest “Very De-motivational” posters, but it’s not exactly something I finish up with and say, “wow, that was a great Facebook session. I feel like I really did something valuable.” Tatting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing and all the other little handwork things I do are also largely a waste of time…but I at least feel like I made something.

Perhaps next year we’ll try again…I’ll work for the next 51 weeks on getting my husband on board!









2 thoughts on “Screen-Free Week…the Verdict

  1. good for you for making through the week! I’m definitely an internet addict; I love having all that info at my fingertips. I don’t know if I could keep my computer closed for a week, let alone a day! LOL…. It was great to hear how this went for you though! You put in an awesome effort and it’s wonderful that your kids are so used to not having the TV that they didn’t even notice! – Sarahlynne

    • Thanks, Sarahlynne! I don’t know if you can count me as “making it through the week” when I most definitely had some screen time…but it did feel like I went a week without it, so that’s something. There is always something I want to know. “Who was that actor in _____? How far away is _____? When does the roadwork on Rte _____ stop?”
      Kids are so flexible (compared to me) that it doesn’t take much time and then they get used to a new situation. I wish I could be like that!

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