Three Months TV-Free!

I need to write our “TV-Free-iversary” on the calendar, because I keep forgetting about it. We are a quarter of the way through our TV-free year, believe it or not. I’m not sure if we will go back to television at the end of the year or not; we will cross that bridge later.

Little Girl can be the first Snail Architect?

Today, Little Guy had his 9 month appointment (incredibly healthy!) and Little Girl had a playdate with her best little girl friend (said girl has a mommy whom I love hanging out with – major bonus!) Little Guy crawled around the playground and got himself a dirt mustache, and Little Girl ran around with the other kids collecting snails and making a “snail house.” It had water and vegetation and quite frankly looked like a lovely place for a snail.

Do you think that Little Girl is missing out by not watching television? Do you think that she’ll be ostracized in school or have any other negative consequences? I can’t really imagine any huge downfalls, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. What say ye, loyal readers?


4 thoughts on “Three Months TV-Free!

  1. I think it is a good and very brave thing to do for your children. I was raised with television but also a limited amount until I was of teenage years. We were forced to be outside to “play” until our parents let us back in the house and we loved it! My step-son watches TV, plays video games and has handheld video games which I don’t completely agree with.

    • I’m glad to see that you grew up without television and it worked well for you! I think that playing outside is so much better for kids than sitting in front of the television; I had such a wonderful time in my yard as a child. I had television, and later on video games as a child and I don’t think they hampered my development. In fact, my obsession with nature documentaries gave me a good foundation of biological understanding…but I don’t think it did much more for me than that.

  2. Ostracized? No way! I had friends in high school that didn’t watch TV, and although they were pretty bookish, they weren’t at any particular disadvantage socially. You’re on a roll now! Go for it!!

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