Preparing for Screen-Free Week, April 30-May 6 2012!

What is Screen-Free Week, you ask? From April 30-May6th, organizations and individuals all over the nation are going to celebrate all the things you can do besides sit in front of a screen. It is associated with the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), a non-profit organization based in Boston that advocates for children.

I’m trying to plan some fun activities to celebrate it. I mean, we’re pretty screen-free around here all the time these days (no telly, no trouble, right?), but there is that pesky little thing called a computer. I’m trying to decide whether to go Screen-Free Lite and still blog about being Screen-Free, or if I’ll go whole hog and not touch it. I’ll make my decision sometime in the next month.

What do you think our family should do for Screen-Free Week? Are you going to celebrate Screen-Free Week?

My ideas so far: Children’s Museum, gardening, playgrounds, baking, drawing, crafting, reading, playing instruments, running around outside.

I do find that the farther I get away from technology, the better I feel. I’m talking about myself right now; I have no high horse to sit on. Some people get really defensive about their own technology use when we happen across the topic of my blog. Let’s get this straight: I don’t care about what you do in your home. There. I said it. I really just write about not having television because my life probably isn’t interesting enough to write about otherwise. I think that screen time affects people differently, like caffeine. My husband can down three Red Bulls and go to sleep immediately afterward; that much caffeine would make my eyes pop out of my skull for at least a week. My husband can also watch TV or play video games for several hours without ill effect, but I get twitchy and feel depressed after watching too much. Bodies are different, people are different, situations are different. It works for us.

That being said, I don’t think that a week without screens could really hurt anyone…so who wants to try it with me?




8 thoughts on “Preparing for Screen-Free Week, April 30-May 6 2012!

  1. Sounds like your fam is in for a treat! Museum trips, gardening, playgrounds are awesome screen substitutes. Even though I need to step away and disconnect at times, I honestly don’t think I could do a whole week screen-free and I’m not even including my husband!

    • We’ll see how I do. It’s amazing how dependent I have become on technology. I didn’t even have a computer in my house until high school, and somehow within the past decade I have become a tech junkie! I do feel better when I spend more time outside, though a week seems like a lot!

      • Well, I hope you succeed. Same here, my family got a home computer when I was in high school even though my mum worked as a computer programmer.

      • LOL, like a builder’s own home improvements go unfinished. Back then (yikes!), home computers weren’t the norm. As kids we did get an endless supply of perforated computer paper to draw on 😀

      • I loved that perforated paper! Believe it or not, I still have some that Little Girl uses for drawing! I used to fold the end strips into little shapes, like dragons and accordions. Good times.

  2. Oh god, there’s no way I could go without screens of any sort for a full week! I don’t think that has happened EVER! I’m not even sure I’d WANT to be without my computer. It’s like my lifeline to the outside world, most days. Hmmm, I think I could go without my TV for a week. Yes, I could do it 🙂

    Good luck! I’ll be interested to read about your experience!
    – Evanthia

    • Ha, we’ll see about me going screen-free as well. I do quite a bit of computer-ing in the evenings and it might be a hard habit to break. I think that I’ll enjoy having some quality time with the hubs (if I can get him to join me, that is!). When we were in college, we used to play cribbage and do puzzles and stuff together. Maybe we’ll resurrect some of those things in the evenings! Or we could be good and actually clean after the kids go to bed. Or…well, you know 😉 Oh, the possibilities!

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