Two Months TV-Free, and Homemade Egg Garlands

I missed our true Two Monthiversary. I thought that we started on January 21st, but apparently it was the 12th. Oops. Anyway, the lack of television has become such a non-issue in our house that I completely forget about it about 99% of the time. I suppose that doesn’t make for very interesting writing, but that’s life. I can’t see how I managed to fit television into our schedule before, actually. Not that we’re “busy”; the only scheduled activity every week is that we go to story time in town. There is just so much to do!

For example, Little Girl loves to make crafts while Little Guy is napping. She was really hyped up on the idea of coloring Easter Eggs. I wasn’t quite feeling it, especially since Easter isn’t exactly tomorrow and eggs are perishable. But, I did have a bag full of plastic eggs, and I noticed that they all have two little holes at the top like beads. Perfect for stringing!

egg stringing

Little Girl uses a needle admirably well! No band-aids were required in the making of this garland.

I got my needle, a few yards of old thread, and a pile of plastic eggs. I double-threaded the needle and tied a knot so that Little Girl wouldn’t accidentally pull the thread out. Then I opened the plastic eggs. Little Girl chose the one she wanted to put on, and I helped her to guide the needle down through the top of the egg, then up through the center of the egg to thread it on to the garland. I then tied a simple knot at the top to keep it from sliding, but that probably wasn’t necessary. We kept stringing until Little Guy woke up, closed the eggs and hung it on our window. She was so excited!egg garland

She was doubly excited that today at Story Time one of her friends from down the street noticed the garland in the window and thought it was really neat. Little Girl was very proud to say that she made it herself!

Little Guy likes to experience nature.

Most of our time this week has been out in the fresh air and sunshine. I know that dirt, grass, leaves and violets aren’t exactly on the “first foods” list for babies, but Little Guy certainly has been sampling them. He especially loves to dig in the garden while Little Girl plays with maple “helicopters.” Soon the lettuce and radishes will be ready for the picking, which will save the poor flowers that Little Girl has been so delightedly liberating from my property. Huzzah for Spring!


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