Make New Friends (and Keep the Old)

Little Girl, Little Guy, Tiny Dog and I were all walking up the street to the playground when we passed an apartment building with a bunch of kids outside. My heart started racing as my daughter stopped, waved and said hello to the bunch of girls playing near the sidewalk. They weren’t zombie children, and I wasn’t afraid of “Hunger Games” role-playing. I realized, as I wiped off my sweaty palms, that I was dreadfully nervous about meeting their parents.

Tiny Dog

Tiny Dog was a big hit with the kids. He weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds, and would like nothing better than to romp with children all day.

Since that event, I have been trying to analyze my fear of meeting new people. I don’t even know when it started. I have always been a bit of a wallflower; not a dejected/rejected wallflower, but content to stand by and observe. I like people, and Meyers-Briggs tests frequently peg me as an ENFP (though I’m on the cusp of being introverted). Why, then, am I terrified of introducing myself to other moms? Is rejection really that terrible?

However, after talking for five minutes, I realized that all of my fears were completely bogus. I didn’t have to explain to these women why my daughter’s shoes were on the wrong feet and her face smeared with jelly. Their daughters’ knotty ponytails and half-eaten peanut butter sandwiches (crusts discarded, naturally) told me that we are all going through the same thing: parenthood. We all had different parenting styles and different children, but coming together with a common ground made it almost as easy to talk to them as it was for our children to talk to each other. What a great stage of life!


One thought on “Make New Friends (and Keep the Old)

  1. Sometimes being a parent assumes the judgement of others before extending that sweaty palm for a handshake. My son approaches children of all ages which can leave me feeling the same apprehension before realising we’re all the in the same boat, ie. captained by our children! Thanks for sharing and just wanted to add, after receiving the Liebster Blog Award, I thought your blog is deserving of it as well, which is why I’m passing it on to you 🙂

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