How to Make a Pinwheel

Today Little Girl was reading a book while I was feeding her brother, and she saw a picture of pinwheels stuck in a sand castle. She said, “Mommy, if we go back to the beach, can I get stars to put in my sand castles?” I informed her that they were actually pinwheels, and suggested we make one. It was a hit with both the kids; I have never heard my son laugh so long, loud and hard as when Little Girl made that pinwheel spin.

My friend makes these every year with all of her elementary art classes as part of the Pinwheels for Peace project. There is a link on the website to print out a template, but I wanted a smaller one so I measured my own.

You will need:




Straight pin

Pencil with eraser

First, measure a square on your paper. I measured a 4-inch by 4-inch square. Cut it out. square

Decorate if desired (drawings work best; sticking stuff to the paper will slightly impede its movement).drawing

Lightly draw two lines on the diagonals of your square, so they intersect in the middle. Draw a dot in the middle of the intersection.diagonal lines

Measure 1 inch away from the central dot and draw a dot or small line; this is as far as you will cut. Cut the diagonals of the square within an inch from the center dot.cut

Bend (do NOT fold) every other corner in to the center dot until there are four points covering the center and it looks like a pinwheel. Poke the straight pin through the center of the pinwheel.bent

Stick the sharp end of the straight pin into a pencil eraser, only far enough to hold (you don’t want the sharp end to stick out the other side).finished

Enjoy playing with your pinwheel!Little Girl Pinwheel



3 thoughts on “How to Make a Pinwheel

  1. Getting the kids to decorate the paper is a good idea. I never used a pencil with an eraser so homemade pinwheels never worked out for me. Thanks for the tutorial!

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