Magical Moments

My favorite part about teaching is when kids have that “Eureka!” moment and actually get it. Parenting is really just teaching every second of every day, right? Except it’s OK to have favorite students, as long as all your kids are your favorites.

Anyway, our experiences of yesterday gave way to a new understanding this morning. Little Girl woke up uncharacteristically late. I told her that if she wanted to go to story time, she would have to get ready quickly. She said, “I will, Mommy. I don’t want to miss Story Time again. Let’s go!” And wouldn’t you know it, all of us were in the car within the hour. We made it in time for all the stories, she played at the library, and then we took advantage of the nice weather with a trip to the playground before lunch.

To top it all off, when it was finally time to leave the playground I was met with “OK, Mommy!” as Little Girl obediently shuffled to the car.



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