Happy “Month-iversary!”: Sailor’s Valentines

TV free for one month and loving it! I particularly love eliminating all of the “just one more episode” whining battles. Only 11 months to go!


Little Girl enjoyed the first good snowball-making snow of the year today.

This morning involved library story time, making snowmen in the park and a lunch of chicken pakoras. While I put Little Guy for a nap, I distracted Little Girl with my favorite books from childhood: Florida’s Fabulous Seashells and Florida’s Fabulous Waterbirds. She enjoyed picking out the difference between the anhinga and the cormorant, but her favorite page was in the seashell book: Shellcraft. In particular, she was interested in the Sailor’s Valentines. Basically, a Sailor’s Valentine is a box with intricate shell designs inside. According to the book, they were popularly believed to be the product of lonely (bored) sailors at sea for their sweethearts, but that it is more likely they were souvenirs picked up on the way home instead.

Sanibel Island was one of my family’s favorite vacation destinations over the years, so I have more than my fair share of lovely seashells sitting around. Unfortunately, I was never very attracted to the kinds that the Sailor’s Valentines are usually made of. Little Girl didn’t care, though. I cut up a diaper wipes box for the base, used Elmer’s glue, and we went to town. She was especially proud when she gave it to Daddy! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Little Girl's interpretation of a Sailor's Valentine didn't really involve a pattern, but she definitely enjoyed picking her favorite shells and using lots of glue.


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