Reaping the Benefits of No Television?

Our kids have been TV-free for 3 weeks now! We just took them to our friend’s surprise 30th birthday party. We are among the first of our friends to have kids, and it’s hard to afford a sitter, so we often end up taking them with us everywhere (rather than give up on having a social life). Correction: “everywhere” that happens before 8:00 PM and is reasonably family-friendly. There were a lot of people there that we didn’t know, and we received some remarks about our kids. They went something like:

“Are they always this well-behaved?”

“He seems like such a good baby!”

“What pleasant children!”

Perhaps people were just kind and kept unfavorable feedback to themselves, but we really are able to take the kids anywhere and be fairly confident that they will (if we take measures to ensure success, like keeping them well-fed and well-rested) be happy regardless of situation. I attribute this partially to our no-TV experiment.

little girl spider

Little Girl frequently looks to nature for entertainment. Good thing I'm not afraid of spiders.

Little Girl’s attention span seems to have grown exponentially in the last few weeks. She notices everything, and finds far more things interesting than most young 3-year-olds do. Tonight she sat without toys or any entertainment at a party full of adults, most of whom she didn’t know. She:

Watched the balloons float around

Looked at the cake from afar

Sang to herself

Talked, with us and with friends she knew.

(Little Guy drooled, gurgled, babbled, smiled, kicked his legs and tried to grab his sister’s hair).

So, I’m not a scientist and one 3-year-old does not make a valid population for a study. However, I have noticed that Little Girl is happier, more focused and easily entertained than she was when she had more stimulus in her life. The experiment continues!


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