The Odds of Two Children Napping at the Same Time

kids nap

I don't think that the pro golfer would be more elated over a hole-in-one than I am over two napping kids.

As I phrased it to my husband, “I got less than nothing done today.” Really, I did. Just as I put Little Guy down for a nap and was about to get something done, I realized that Little Girl was tired (for once). I put her in her bed, rubbed her back and she was out within two minutes. Two napping kids. At the same time. I should clarify: my two kids, napping at the same time. I hear that this is a more common occurrence for some. If you are one of those moms with six kids who all nap at precisely 1:05 each day and sleep for two hours, I don’t want to hear about it. Allow me the little victories.

My math could be off, admittedly. I haven’t done probability since high school. I’m a musician, not a mathematician (though I know some are both, I am not). Based on experience, I calculated that Little Guy gets three one-hour long naps per day, assuming a 12 hour day. Little Girl takes about five one-hour naps per year since she turned two. I was able to come up with the probability that Little Guy and Little Girl will fall asleep in any given hour in the year, multiplied the probabilities and came up with a roughly 1 in 3500 chance that both my kids will nap at the same time.

What did I do with my time, you ask? I took a nap as well, of course. The most excellent advice anyone ever gave me when I had my daughter was “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Don’t mind if I do.


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