Who’s Afraid of Chicken?

15 days into our “No TV” experiment and going strong, if you were wondering. Maybe at the 31 day mark I’ll have a little celebration. Little Girl seems to have again forgotten about the existence of the television. Of course, she had a lot going on today; someone in her Sunday School class had a birthday and there were cupcakes with blue frosting. Little Girl on sugar is too busy to watch television.Image

So, who is afraid of chicken? Raw chicken gives me the creeps. I’m not the only one, apparently. At Denny’s, my husband worked with a cook who was so afraid of serving raw chicken that he would fry it, microwave it, grill it and then serve what was left of it. Before getting married, I had never cooked a chicken (and was somehow thinking I might be able to avoid it). However, Wegmans sells roasting chickens for $.88/lb. Eighty-eight cents a pound! You can tell me the health benefits of vegetarianism all day if you want, but I need meat in my diet (at least once in a while) and you can’t beat the price. A roasting chicken can feed us for a week and be boiled down for chicken stock afterward, so it’s the ideal budget meat.

winner, winner

Serving suggestion. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

My mom makes a delicious roast chicken. I happened to be cooking it at 11 PM (long story), so I didn’t call her, but I tried to recall what she said she did to hers and I think it came out nicely. You don’t have to be afraid of this recipe! It will turn out edible, and probably even great! By the way, it is SO easy. You have to think about 2 hours ahead of when you want dinner, but that’s the only problem.

Lemon Herb Roast Chicken

Roasting chicken

Olive Oil


3-5 Garlic cloves, peeled

Onion, roughly chopped

Kosher Salt


Herbes de Provence (equal parts marjoram, savory, thyme, lavender or rosemary, fennel seed, oregano and basil – I used 2 tsp of each and saved the extra in an empty spice bottle).

Preheat oven to 350. Forget about washing the chicken. It makes you have to touch the raw chicken more (gross), it doesn’t actually clean the chicken (grosser) and it can spread bacteria to your sink and counter (grossest). If it has a giblet packet inside the body cavity, take it out and throw it away. (Unless you’re one of those hardcore people who uses them for something. I am not). Place the chicken, flat side down, in a roasting pan. Wash your hands, because you just touched raw chicken. Pour olive oil over the chicken and massage until covered in a thin layer. Wash your hands again, because you just touched raw chicken. Cut lemon in half and squeeze lemon juice all over the chicken. Stuff the body cavity with the used-up lemon pieces, garlic cloves and onion. Wash your hands again, because you just touched raw chicken. Hey, you’re done touching the chicken! (The rest is my favorite part). Sprinkle the whole thing with kosher salt, pepper, and a generous helping of Herbes de Provence (I like my chicken to be pretty crusted with herbs. If you’re not into that, skip them altogether and it will still be good). Roast in the oven for 18 minutes per pound of chicken, or longer until a meat thermometer registers 165 when inserted into the breast of the chicken (don’t touch the bone). Let it sit on the counter for 10 minutes to set, then carve and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Chicken?

  1. I used to work with a very strange fellow who brought his own rice cooker, then a bag of vegetables fresh from the market and raw chicken. Sometimes frozen, what he would do is throw it in the microwave and defrost it there. Or, he would run it under water that a lot of us had washed our hands on. Yeah, he was a very strange guy! he really reinforced my appreciation for well cooked chicken lol! 😀

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