Making a Minion

We were all rejoicing today – one of the missing Squinkies was found! The other, sadly for Little Girl, has likely met its demise in the furnace. This one, however, is “alive” and well. It is now living the good life as the doll of one of Little Girl’s baby animals in the dollhouse.

The Squinkie's New Home

Naming the evil Squinkie a "doll" for the Calico Critters will (hopefully) keep this one from meeting its end in the heating system.

With the return of the Squinkie, Little Girl’s financial focus changed entirely to this little train she wants. So, we counted her money today and discovered that she is only $5 away from her goal. She has some jobs that she doesn’t get compensation for: helping load the dishwasher, feeding the dog and picking up her toys. She’s part of the family, she makes more than her share of the mess, so she can help pick it up. However, I wanted a way to have an excuse to give her a little bit toward her goal.

Dusting. I hate it. Of all the household chores, it is the one that makes me want to scream. Probably because my house is so dusty that I can practically stand there and watch more dust settle on my freshly dusted surfaces. My previous method of dealing with the dust was to ignore it. However, Little Girl thought it was the greatest thing in the world as I showed her how to get to all those little crevices and get the dust off. I gave her one coin per room. The dusting gets (sort of) finished, Little Girl gets a bit of cash. Win/win, right? We’ll see!


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