No Television: Day 10 (Stranded Edition)

Been stranded in worse places

Little Girl ensconced with toys and books aplenty. What could be better?

Little Girl woke up happy today! And very, very early. So, we were practically eating lunch by the time 9:00 rolled around. I offered to take her to Library Story Time in the neighboring town, and she was very pleased. We showed up slightly after the start at 10 (if you are able to get two small kids anywhere on time by yourself, please let me know how). She had a great time putting the lion and zebra on the flannelboard when they read “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” and enjoyed playing in the new children’s section. I let her play until 11:30, when I intended to take her home, feed her lunch, put her down for a “nap” (yeah right) and write a blog post.

Pulling out of the parking space, I felt something grinding in the right front wheel and had horrible pictures in my mind of something small, cute and fuzzy mangled and caught in my mud flap. Reality was less disturbing, but also more inconvenient. Flat tire.

Options: leave kids in car and change tire in the rain. Call husband. Call parents.

Little Guy library

Little Guy spent his time consuming quality literature.

Change tire in the rain didn’t happen. I just had Sears put the tires on (waited for snows until January; must be some kind of record) and I figured it was probably their fault. I couldn’t see any rebar or nails sticking out of the tire and didn’t want to deal with it if I didn’t have to. Called the parents; Dad was as far away as Husband, Mom was stuck with a car without windshield wipers. Finally, called Husband to come and bail us out. Fortunately, this lovely little town has a restaurant right next to the library, so we walked over and used the week’s family entertainment budget to have lunch. We walked back to the library and played until Mr. NTNT showed up with an air compressor and fixed the tire.

So, that is how it came to pass that we were stranded. However, I can think of far worse places to be stranded than a lovely new library with plenty of toys, books and activities. When it finally came time that we were ready to go, we were met with “NO! I don’t want to leave!” Library, you are doing something right.

Winking Groundhog

I love it when my groundhog cookies wink at me, don't you?

In other news, I realized I forgot to tell a funny story about our Groundhog Cookies. I gave Little Girl six chocolate chips to put eyes on the groundhogs and turned around to put some dishes in the washer. I turned back and she was daintily licking a chocolate chip. I admonished, “Those were for the groundhog’s eyes!” to which she replied, “That one only needed one eye. The other eye is closed.” I just managed to squeak out “Remember to ask before you eat things” before I had to shut myself in the bathroom so I could laugh until I cried. If she can reason like that at 3, I’m in for quite the ride as she gets older.


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