No Television: Day 7

Happy Week-iversary to our family’s pet project! I think TV was pretty far from Little Girl’s mind today. She woke up with a tantrum, as usually happens when Daddy leaves for work before she wakes up. Once the fireworks subsided, I asked her why she was crying. She said, “because I want to make Groundhog’s Day cookies.”

Little Guy thinks your point is invalid

Little Guy didn't understand what all the fuss was about. He just wanted to chase after his cow.

That’s right, Groundhog’s Day Cookies. Some background: “Groundhog’s Day” jokes date back to when I was a teenager living with my parents. Our house was that house in the neighborhood. You know, the “Scrooges” who never really decorate for holidays while everyone else has everything just so. We were also the only single-income family in the neighborhood, but I don’t think anyone took that into consideration. So, my mom and I always joked that “this year, we’re going to go all out with Groundhog’s Day Decorations.”

Well, the joke has survived years, including spoof greeting cards and other such things. (I’ve been told we have an odd sense of humor; thankfully, we all share it!) Little Girl must have heard us plotting the festivities for this year and came up with the idea; that’s all I can come up with as to why she was so intent on Groundhog’s Day cookies.

I love this stage that Little Girl is at. She thinks that I can do pretty much anything, which is a major self-esteem booster. So, when she asks me to make something, it is like a double-dog-dare. We didn’t just make cookies and call them Groundhog’s Day cookies. I made a  Groundhog’s Day Cookie Cutter and we made (and decorated) the desired cookies. I was really glad it worked. I’m totally making more cookie cutters. Instructional post to follow!


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