No Television: Day 5

Little Girl is reading the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series to herself (you MUST get the if you don’t already have them), so I thought I’d take a moment to update. I know that I have not yet completed the whole day without TV, but coming this far was a pretty big accomplishment and I think we will get there.

She woke up this morning wanting to watch Wonder Pets. She held on for a long time, and I have the flu and can barely talk. Finally, after making what seemed like a thousand suggestions, she wanted me to cuddle and read books with her. That I can do! We read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and “If You Take a Mouse to School.” (Each several times, of course).

Part 2

Where did she get the idea to have little green horses?

Then she wanted me to “cut out little green horses so my orange horses can have babies.” Crisis averted! She never cried about it, which was nice. I may not have made it if she had. I feel like someone is strangling me and simultaneously hitting me with ten baseball bats. Remember those days when you would get sick and someone would take care of you, let you lay on the couch and groan in pain? Me neither.


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