No Television: Day 4

After a night of no sleeping (did I mention my kids don’t sleep?) and waking up with what feels like the flu, it was really hard when Little Girl woke up early and decided that she was unhappy about Daddy going to work. “Just one show…” I thought to myself, rolling over and thinking about how I could sleep for 24 more glorious minutes while the Wonder Pets kept her entertained. Thanks to this blog and my pride, I was able to conquer the urge. I told Little Girl that I’d be ready to play when she was done crying, and loafed in bed until the tantrum blew over. Image

I’m glad I didn’t give in and ruin the streak. For the rest of the day she was quite happy. She never even requested TV today. What she did request was for me to cut out “orange horses and shapes” so she could “glue them on paper and make a Valentine.” Uhhh…OK. So here is her masterpiece. It took her a half hour to get each piece just. so. and another to decorate with glitter glue. I leave this craft box out so whenever the fancy strikes she can do her thing. When she does her thing, I take my leave and do what I want.

Now I’m just waiting for Mr. NTNT to finish with his homework for his MBA class so I can get my sick self to bed.


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