No Television: Day 3

Little Girl hasn’t seen television in three days. (And I still had showers). Reinforcing my hypothesis that going without television actually makes her a happier person, she also has been tantrum-free all three days. Coincidence? We will see.

Little Girl's Interpretation of the Heart Wreath

Valentine's decorations were much more interesting to Little Girl than TV today.

She asked for Wonder Pets today. I said that we weren’t going to watch TV today, and asked if she would like to make a craft instead. We made a paper heart wreath together, except with construction paper and Scotch tape. It would have been easy, except that Little Guy kept trying to eat the supplies. We were able to talk about patterns while we worked, and she decided to make a red/pink/red/pink pattern for her wreath.

I’m interested to see whether this pattern continues. Three-year-olds are notoriously volatile and mine is no different; could it just be a “weather pattern?” Will she one day just explode from having not seen the TV in an eternity (from her short perspective)? Or will she soon forget that it exists?


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